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  • Nokia E-Serie – Schein oder Sein?

    Ich habe mir zum Vergleich ein Nokia E71 und ein Nokia E75 geholt. Das E75 kam zuerst an – Tastaturbeleuchtung defekt, direkt wieder eingeschickt. Der große Gewinner hierbei: DHL. Ansonsten fühlte es sich aber ganz gut an, zumindest soweit ich das in 10 Minuten beurteilen konnte. Dann bekam ich mein E71. Weil es ja schon […]

  • Good news in linux-land

    I have already mentioned earlier, that my new laptop and Fedora (back then in version 8) work quite flawlessly together. Things are always on a move, and since that other post, Fedora has been moving forward and it was released in version 9, codename Sulphur. The change delivered several improvements. For me particularily useful are […]

  • Acer 8204 and Fedora

    As some of you may have read or somehow learnt, I do own a new laptop now. Well, actually it’s only used-new, but as good as new and still with warranty. Anyway, first thing I did: Put in the Fedora 8 Live-CD, booted, enjoyed. Almost everything worked out of the box. Exceptions were the graphics […]

  • Fedora 7 and problems with the laptop fan

    Maybe this also concerns others, despite me.I have Fedora running on my Acer Laptop, which is a Travelmate 661 LCi (now running flawlessly for almost four years!). Since I upgraded to Fedora 7 with its Kernel 2.6.21 I had problems with the fan of the laptop: When it started spinning, the laptop froze. Under X, […]

  • FC6 und Suspend-to-disk und Acer Travelmate 661

    Ich habe es endlich (zugegeben, vorher nie intensiv probiert…) geschafft, suspend to disk auf meinem Acer Travelmate 661 LCi unter Fedora Core 6 zum Laufen zu kriegen. Im Nachhinein war es gaaaanz einfach… Füge [atrpms]name=Fedora Core $releasever – $basearch – ATrpmsbaseurl=http://dl.atrpms.net/fc$releasever-$basearch/atrpms/stable zur yum.conf bzw. als Datei in /etc/yum.repos.d hinzu installiere hibernate-suspend2 kernel-suspend2-2.6.18-1.2849_1.fc6.cubbi_suspend2 Die Kernelversion kann […]