It’s almost 12:30 am, I am in Willich and I should be sleeping. But… I am awake, anyway, so why not drop some lines in the blog?

Tomorrow (yeah, actually today…), big day. I will be repeating my exam, which I already had in May. I passed back then, but as our study rules gave me the opportunity to improve my grade, I will exactly try to do that. At around 11:45 am on Tuesday, I will know if all my learning effort has resulted in anything. Otherwise, my „Diplom“-grade is almost fixed already.

Let’s come to the bright side of life. Exactly two years after my ERASMUS year in Finland, I will start my journey to South East Asia. Indonesia, Bali, to be precise. One semester of studying. Only studying, of course, nothing else! 🙂 Well… besides some surfing maybe. And let’s see if we can manage to arrange some parties, too… Talking about Bali: I am collecting addresses now. Everybody, who would like to get a postcard, just drop me an email or comment in this blog. Supply your address, if needed (which is the case for most people). No guarantees will be given, though! Just in case I will be too busy studying… 🙂

Enough for now, bed’s up next!

Good night.

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